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A blog to celebrate the dance moves of Chandler Bing.

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1. How did you come up with this idea?

Well I was making a .gif for something completely unrelated, long story short this .gif idea required Chandler’s dance. While I was making the .gif my friend WallsAreMean comes in and is like,  ”Can you make him dance in my hand, or something weird like that.”  The actual “turn it into a blog” idea was partly inspired by LegolasDoesThings

2. Can you make his dance on ________?

I will try my best, but not everything can be made.  I can get anywhere from 5 to 40 requests a day, and I never post more than one new .gif a day.  

3. You made my request but I didn’t get credited in the “request by” line.

Again I do try my best to keep up with all the requests and give credit, but the more requests I get the harder it is.   For some requests I won’t even be able to do a “requested by” because there’s been like 20+ requests by different people. 

4. How many followers do you have?

It changes quite frequently. At the moment (4/30/12) we have 20,500 followers. 

5. Why did you put ads on your blog?  I don’t like them. Take them down. Ect

As I said before I am a college student, I am already tens of thousands of dollars in debt.  Right now I am just testing the ads, if they don’t earn enough to be worth it I will remove them.